Aims and Objectives

 The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Kalaguru Bishnu Rabha Degree College was constituted on 01-8-2015. The IQAC of the College has been striving hard in exploring all possible measures to maintain quality and transparency in different domains for overall development of the College.

The IQAC strategically plans a number of quality assurance measures and tends to implement them accordingly. The IQAC lays utmost emphasis on the digitalization of all the administrative process and academic process with more use of computer and online modes. The IQAC also has adopted a number of strategies to keep the college students and all other stakeholders updated about the recent developments through continuous interactions; arrangement of awareness programmes on various issues of social relevance like alcohol and drug addiction, human trafficking and also other extension activities and social outreach programmes through visits and organised meets, introduction of ICT based classroom teaching and regular meetings of IQAC etc.

The IQAC has been trying its label best to upgrade the standard of the institution by devising several mechanisms to expiate the best possible way in the teaching learning process so that the students belonging to very poor economic conditions from the remotest of the area too gets the benefit of the shifting teaching-learning process adopted in the college. The College has limited resources but the IQAC has tried to use them judiciously for the maximum benefit of the stakeholders. Despite having lesser classrooms, the IQAC has tried to compensate it by signing an Memorandum of Understanding with Kalaguru Bishnu Rabha Senior Secondary School that gives more classroom options to the College followed by quality instruments and equipment in the psychological laboratory, introduction of  ICT in classroom teaching in some of the rooms, adequate books in the regularly upgraded library, adequate number of computers in the  computer lab, unbreaking internet facility inside the campus although with limited access are some of the infrastructural facilities provided by the institution for assuring quality in the teaching-learning process. The IQAC time to time organises the review meetings to take stock of the activities and programmes undertaken by various cells and makes to look amendments and changes wherever necessary in the IQAC or the cells and sub-committees which tend to further enhance the teaching learning process in the college.

The Kalaguru Bishnu Rabha Degree College continuously strives to move towards quality education in a green, clean and healthy environment and as such looks forward to get itself accredited and assessed for the first time in the form of 1st Cycle by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council even though it’s in its budding stage owing to its Provincialization by Government of Assam only in the year 2021. The IQAC has adopted the following quality initiatives for the College IQAC and aims to execute them successfully which is sure to enhance the quality initiatives both in the academic as well as in the administrative domain.

Academic domain:

  ü   Organizes Orientation Programme for fresh appointees.

  ü   Upgradation of Classrooms to ICT enabled.

  ü   Provides adequate equipment and instruments in the laboratory

  ü   Motivate teachers towards maximum use of ICT tools in classroom teaching

  ü   Provide adequate number of books, journals and access to e-resources in the library

  ü   Adequate number of computers in the lab with internet facility

  ü   Encouragement towards continuous evaluation through the conduct of class tests, unit tests etc. regularly

  ü   Organizes review meeting to discuss the performances of the students immediately after the declaration of final results.

  ü   Encourages the Teachers and Non-Teaching staff to participate in Faculty Development Programmes and training programmes time to time.

  ü   Provides special tutorial classes for the slow learners to pace them up.

  ü   Provision for teacher’s diary under regular vigilance of the principal.

  ü   Submission of Teachers’ Appraisal Report at the end of every year.

Administrative domain:

  ü   IQAC tends to endorse the formula of more decentralization of power for better performance and with this aim propagates decentralization of power in every aspect of the college through appointment of teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, members from the local society etc. in various decision-making bodies

  ü   IQAC motivates the Principal and Governing Body to conduct internal and external audit at regular intervals.

  ü   It encourages the timely conduct of the Sessional examinations with timely declaration of the results.

  ü   It encourages all the Department of the College to regularly organize guardian meetings.

  ü   It aims to conduct IQAC Meetings at regular intervals to appraise every one of the situations.

  ü   It encourages regular and systematic collection of feedback from students, alumni and guardians.

  ü   It encourages regular meetings on the feedback received from various stakeholders and to take timely action on the feedback received.